Facebook isn’t up to date anymore!

11. May 2009


you’ve read it right. But the idea for this headline doesn’t came out of my brain. It’s is a

Jarvis, Jeff, new, media, book

Jarvis, Jeff, new, media, book

common view from Umair Haque, the director of Havas Media Lab and Jeff Jarvis, the buzzmachine.com blogger and the autor of the book I’m atcually readig: “What would google do?”. They both think that facebook doesn’t use the right strategy, for example for a modern advertising profile. On the other side they say that even there communication concept is antiquated. Twitter is way forward…

Unfortunatly I’ve read about the interview, given during the Next09-conference in Hamburg only in german. But here is a conclusion about Jarvis thoughts in his book:

First on Vimeo

and then on youtube: