Why “in media”?

The web 2.0 is a really interesting and flourishing scene which get more important from year to year. I want to be a part of it. So I started this blog. If your interested in my view on politics, art, berlin scene, my life and a bunch of other stuff read this! If not… I’ll stand it. It’s just the view of a wombat.

A wombat with a hairy nose

A wombat with a hairy nose

Why “Wombat”?

The wombat is a nice smal animal, mosty located in south australia. It is lazy nealy the whole day, but when it’s necessary than the wombat can run very fast. Usually it is not necessary. So it lies around, eats, has a scratch or takes a nap. But there is a special kind of Wombat, the german “Frank Wombat”. This type tries to be an investigative animal. It search in every corner for new, special and hard facts. Sometimes it screams “CONTENT” without sense and meaning, only to become a good journalist.

— Bye the way, I’m of course not responsible for related link content. —


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